I’ve begun a new story, medieval of course, that I image will be a novella. This time, I thought, my hero will be a definite Alpha warrior, out to do battle with the bad knights. Well, after a few days of plotting and finally getting the first few chapters down, I see what a mistake That idea was. Oh, me. Well–maybe next time–LOL.

I also spent a good deal of time looking for a model to guide my inspiration for that not-so-warlike-warrior. I’d hoped to share that with you. Alas. Have you googled “handsome men” or “good looking rugged men”? Who knew one could grow tired of looking at photos of gorgeous guys? We writers have it hard, huh? LOL. So instead I’ll share a photo of a ‘model’ for one my past heroes.

But, photo guide or not, I have a mental image of him. Maybe you can form your own too.

Here’s a brief peek at the opening of the story.


It was a damned fine day for choosing a bride. Morning sun sparked off the fresh snow like a mace off the helm of a Saracen. Just ahead, the bright reflection cast the dull gray stone of the castle in a halo of white.

That impressive fortification was, indeed, his holy ground. Sir Fulbert of the aptly named Graystone had three beautiful daughters, just waiting for a knight to claim them. Well, one at least.

He’d never seen the ladies, of course, but any daughter who carried a fortified manor and hides of land as dowry was a beauty indeed. And the word was each of these ladies had such wealth.

It was left to him to decide which beautiful land—ah, daughter—he’d take.

As he approached the open gates, he fell in behind a stream of villagers entering the grounds. Four guards, two on each side of the entrance, nodded to the folks walking or pushing a hand cart. The guards closed ranks when Joselyn rode up.

Beaming at the men, Jos said, “I’m here with greetings for the family from the lord’s son, Sir William.”

One of the four, a helmeted soldier with a short gray beard, stepped forward. “Who be ye and how do ye know Sir William?”

“We rode together to Outremer with our king,” Jos said.

The grizzled guard conferred with the others, then one ran for the keep while the spokesman stepped back to Jos. “Wait here. We’re fetching the lord.”

The delay didn’t bother Jos one bit. Still feeling the excitement of his mission, he dismounted. “Have a lad see to Caesar, here. He’s come a long distance and could stand a rest and meal.”

As could I. Jos didn’t say anything, but his empty belly spoke up.

Ignoring his stomach rumblings, he nodded toward the group of men and women gathered in the bailey. “Looks like you’re holding a celebration.”

“Ther lord provides a mite extra for every family a sennight afore th’ day of Christ’s mass.” Graybeard’s voice held a steely tone of pride.

Jos pressed his lips together to hide his surprise. Graymore stores were vast enough to share this time of year? Remarkable! Even his own father hadn’t such means at his disposal. This undertaking was doubly blessed. A bride—and a fine meal—would be his this Christmastide. The saints were smiling on him.


Well, that’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed this snippet.

Next week, we’ll take a look at whether or not Valentine’s Day was celebrated in the Middle Ages. Till then–stay safe and warm, my friends.

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  1. Oh, I LOVE it! I’m so glad you are writing a new medieval romance! Yaaay! Happy Medieval Monday, Barb! Wishng you a great week ahead — with plenty of time for writing! 🙂

  2. Enjoyed the snippet, Barbara. Very seldom do I go on a search for a visual for my characters. And I’m a visual person, lol! There have only been two times–Dragon Knight’s Sword, and Quest of a Warrior where I came across the exact likeness of my heroes. This image of Richard Armitage is definitely swoon-worthy! Thanks for sharing, and have a fabulous Medieval Monday!

    1. Glad to hear aomeone else doesn’t always have that visual aid 🙂 And yes, his photo takes me back to Giles of Silverhawk. He was definitely the hero patter. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Medieval Monday.

  3. An intriguing snippet. And I’m already anticipating that the three daughters aren’t all willing to be bartered away no matter how handsome the knight requesting their land, ah hand, is!

  4. Oh, this is fantastic, Barbara! Clapping joyfully! Thanks so much for sharing. Happy Medieval Monday! xo

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