J. L. Sheppard’s AWAITING FATE on Sale for 99 Cents

Happy Friday! Today we’ve a special treat. J. L. Sheppard is announcing a special sale for AWAITING FATE. 

Her latest FATE FORGOTTEN, Fated Immortals 2, will be released August 26. So this is your chance to buy AWAITING FATE, Fated Immortals 1, for just 99 cents! 

I was so taken by the excerpts that I included two, presenting touching views of the heroine’s and hero’s point of view in a scene. Have a great weekend, everyone.

Cain Thaler’s
lived more than four hundred years fighting rogue immortals, avenging
the family he’d lost. It’s all he’s needed, all he’s wanted. That
changes the fateful day he lays eyes on his fated mate. Olivia
a werewolf princess, is nothing like him. Unwilling to give her up, he
sets a plan into motion: ignoring his need to claim her, he befriends
Cain’s best efforts at friendship, Olivia has fallen hard for him. It
is him she dreams of, him she wants as her fated mate. But she is sure
he doesn’t feel the same way. In way over her head, she has no option
but to run away from the only man she’s ever loved. 
Will Cain find Olivia before it’s too late or will their differences tear them apart? 


She lifted her head and admired the stars. From the corner of her eye, she realized he’d done the same.

“What do you want most in the world?” he asked, surprising her.

Shifting her attention to him, her eyes sought his.
in time, he turned looking her way, waiting for her response. With that
one somber look, she realized the glimmer always present had dimmed.

You, she thought in response to his question, but left the word unsaid, wondering exactly what to say.
away from him, she whispered, “To be loved, truly loved by a man.”
Before he could comment on it, she turned the tables on him. “What do
you want most in the world?”


“What do you want most in the world?”

You, he thought but left the truth unsaid.

could he say? He wanted to seek shelter in her arms and comfort in her
touch. He wanted to come home to her face, her smile—her. He wanted her
barefoot and pregnant with life they created growing inside her. He
wanted her to love him so much she couldn’t fathom living and breathing
without him. He was already there.

“I want a lot of things, too many,” he finally said.

cop-out, so the moment he’d spoken the words, he regretted them. He
needed her to trust him, but his situation made it difficult. He
couldn’t tell her the truth, only a version of it without revealing too
many details.

“I want my fated to love me,” he said it so simply.

hoped she would respond. More than anything he wanted her to ask him if
he’d found his. Because he knew if she did, he’d never be able to lie
and, finally, she’d know. He waited for her to say something, but she
never did, so he found himself gazing at the stars praying he could
magically cure her sadness.

He didn’t get his wish, but he did
sit with her for hours. He didn’t speak, only listened to the sounds of
their breaths, wishing for more
It was inevitable to want more, more of her, all of her, but for now, sitting in the dark, gazing at the stars was enough.

Purchase Awaiting Fate for 99 Cents. 


This sounds great, J. L. Please come back when your new book is out! 

Mary Morgan: Dragon Knight’s Medallion Excerpt Celebrates Nature

Medieval Monday is wrapping up its Celebrating Nature theme today and I can’t think of a better way for The Book Corner to do so than by featuring the talented Mary Morgan. Mary’s excerpt comes from her terrific DRAGON KNIGHT’S MEDALLION. 

Some of the men and women were
already dancing around the fire. She laughed when she spied Betsy twirling
Betsy waved her over. “Come dance
with us.”
Aileen held up her hand in protest.
“Oh, no…I’m fine just watching.” Turning blindly, she stumbled into Brian.
“May I have this dance, Lady
Aileen?” he asked.
“I really shouldn’t, Brian.” He
looked so dejected she decided to throw caution to the wind. “You know what? I
haven’t danced in ages. I think I will take that dance.”
“I would be honored,” he said
proudly, holding out his hand.
Aileen swallowed the last of her
wine, before putting the cup on a log. Taking his hand, she gathered her dress
and joined the others.
In no time at all, she found herself
being swept away with the contagious merriment. Letting her shields slip just a
bit, she relished the gaiety—twirling and singing. When Brian would gather her
close, she would move away, spinning in a circle. On and on, around the
inferno, laughter peeling out.
She felt young and carefree.
Stephen had gathered some food from
Betha as he intended to be away all night. She and Donal had pleaded with him
to join in the feasting, but he waved them off rather rudely. He wanted no part
of the festivities.
Almost colliding with a couple, he
swore softly. Placing the food across Grian, he shifted hesitantly. It was then
he spotted…
His hand froze on the leather sack.
Sweet Mother! What was she doing? And dressed like that? She was a Goddess of
the flame. He watched as she was swung up into the air by none other than
Brian. Then the man dared to slide her down against
Dark fury burst somewhere deep
inside Stephen. “I’m going to kill him,” he rasped out.
The blood roared in his head, as he
stormed across the open field, never hearing those who greeted him in
passing—one hand held firm against his sword. He slowed his pace and Stephen
waited as any warrior would. Let the enemy show himself, he thought.
When their dancing brought them
nearer to him, he darted in front blocking their path.
They never saw him coming.
Aileen’s back slammed into his
chest, and his arms grasped her instantly in a firm grip. “Hey, ouch!” She
tried to move, but he held her solid against his body.
Brian skidded to a halt. “Greetings,
Sir Stephen.” He went to grab for Aileen’s hand, when Stephen let out a growl
of warning.
“What is your problem? Did you just growl?” demanded
Aileen. She tried to pry herself loose, but he continued to hold her firm.
“Mine,” he snarled.
Instantly, Brian’s face went white.
“Thank ye for the dance, Lady Aileen,” Brian
clipped out. Giving Stephen a curt
nod, he stomped away.
“Bloody. God. Damn. Hell,” Aileen
Stephen released her, only spinning
her around to face him. Something primal within him tore loose. He tried to
reason with himself that this was insanity, though his mind and body wouldn’t yield.
His gaze dropped to those lips—
lips he had fantasized about for weeks.
Aileen,” he choked out before his mouth
took hers in a plundering kiss. His lips moved over hers devouring their
softness. The kiss became urgent, pleading in its need. His tongue sought hers,
and the dance of desire seared their bodies. Raw passion took over his anger,
and she opened fully, drawing him against her body. She took her hands and
wrapped them around his head, threading her fingers in his locks and pulling
him in deeper. Never in all of his life had he felt so right in someone’s arms.
When he broke from the kiss, his
breathing was labored. Her eyes were dark with desire for him, and he shook
with such need, it frightened him.
“By the hounds,” he uttered
hoarsely. In one swift move, he picked her up. Carrying her to his horse, he
ignored the hoots and remarks coming from the crowd. Placing her on Grian, he
swung around in back, taking off through a large group of oak trees with only
one clear thought in mind.


To right a wrong, two souls are brought together only to
shatter when they are torn apart by the deeds of an evil druid. 

Dragon Knight, Stephen MacKay’s powers are
altered after the death of his sister. Now he is plagued with visions that
threaten to destroy his soul. When Aileen Kerrigan falls through a time tunnel,
he vows to keep her safe, despite the fact the beautiful but head-strong
half-blooded fae could be the death of him. 

When Aileen finds out her dad is a Fenian
Warrior, she flees to a nearby ruin. Armed with the medallion her mother gave
her, and a matching one belonging to a long dead knight, she is flung into the
past and finds a handsome but surly warrior who is on a quest. Now it seems her
future could be entwined with his, if she doesn’t kill him first. 

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It’s never too early for Christmas, right? And here’s a wonderful collection that will fill you with the wonderful feelings of the season. And included in A HEARTWARMING HOLIDAY is an exclusive coupon
worth $1.00 off any Heartwarming title from  Who doesn’t
love heartwarming romances?

By Roz Denny Fox 
I’ve always enjoyed the process of writing a story with characters and
setting connected to works written by other authors, I was delighted to
take part in this great opportunity. It has offered me a chance to dip
into independent publishing with writers I already read and respect. 

And who doesn’t love to read and write winter holiday stories? 
fact that Christmas Town, Maine was already a successful fictional town
made setting my story there infinitely easier for someone brand new to
writing a novella as part of a tried and true boxed set.

because I’ve only visited Maine once several years ago and in the fall,
not winter, coming up with an end-of-year holiday story set there
demanded my next favorite part of being a writer—research. I immediately
bought a tour guide and several local-lore books written by Maine
writers. I read until I was able to feel what Christmas in a small Maine
town that I was about to plunge
a set of fictional characters into might be like. It was fun and a bit challenging, because you want readers to connect, too. 

read books by almost all of the writers involved in this project, I had
my moments of panic. Could I fit in and not let them down? 

know I’m going to be a reader excited to order my copy of the entire
set. I love that there will be a wide range of love stories. Some of our
characters will know one another. Others won’t. Some will already have
deep roots in the fictional community, while a few will be new to town.

someone who grew up in a small Oregon town, I can say with certainty
that old-timers welcome new families with open arms. I hope readers feel
that way about all of our stories.
holiday season, warm your heart with 15 connected sweet, clean &
wholesome holiday romances set in Christmas Town from 15 Harlequin
Heartwarming authors who are
USA Today, national bestselling, and award-winning authors.  

There are five connected books in A Heartwarming Holiday. That means each set of three novellas shares characters and storylines! This collection of PG-rated holiday romances are
all set in Christmas Town, Maine, a location introduced in the 2014
Harlequin Heartwarming release Christmas, Actually. A Heartwarming
Holiday will bring you laughter, tears, and happily-ever-
Book 1: Once Upon a Holiday by Anna Adams, Anna J Stewart & Melinda Curtis:  
Book 2: Holiday Heroes by Leigh Riker, Tara Randel & Cari Lynn Webb:  
Book 3: 24 North Pole Lane by Carol Ross, Amy Vastine & Cheryl Harper:  
Book 4: Magic Moments by Tara Taylor Quinn, Shirley Hailstock & Liz Flaherty:  
Book 5: Nutcracker Sweethearts by Dana Mentink, Roz Denny Fox, & Amie Denman:  
If this boxed set appeals to you, look for our previous holiday anthology: A Heartwarming Christmas.  
Roz Denny Fox has
been writing for Harlequin Books since 1989.  She writes for various
Harlequin lines, has participated in several special projects, articles,
and on-line serials for  Roz’s books have been
nominated for the Holt Medallion, the Golden Quill and Smoky Mountain
Published Laurie. Her second book was an RWA RITA finalist in the
traditional category. Her sixty-plus published stories are all warm,
home and family love stories
. Roz’s web site is: She also interacts with readers on Facebook and via email 
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