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I‘m excited to welcome my friend and fellow Rose–Wild Rose Press author-as the first guest post on my new blog. Judith has a brand new book that just released, NIGHT OF THE OWL I know you’ll love it. Here’s a peek at the book–the cover, blurb, an excerpt. But first of all, Judith shares a wonderful sidebar to the release date.

The hero and heroine’s mutual love of history reflects my husband’s and mine.  You might say history brought us together because right around the same time, each of us decided independently to move from different parts of the country to Virginia, specifically to seek work at Colonial Williamsburg.  There’s a lot of both of us in Night of the Owl.  That’s why the book’s release date is perfect; it’s our 19th wedding anniversary!”

Happy Anniversary and Happy Book Birthday, Judith! Now for that glimpse of your book.


PhD student Ardyth Nightshade has renounced men and pursues her twentieth-century career with single-minded focus. When fate whisks her to medieval England, she meets her match in a man whose passions mirror her own. Can she sacrifice ambition for a love she never sought?

Hugh, Lord Seacrest confounds all who know him. He refuses to marry without a meeting of minds and hearts, and no lady has even approached his ideal…until Ardyth. But she’s an odd one, with unique skills, shocking habits, and total conviction she needs no man. She also harbors secrets, and in the midst of rumors, plots, and murder, trust is fragile.

A woman outside of her time. A man ahead of his. They must take a leap of faith to forge a bond that will shape history.


Ardyth looked from one tunnel entrance to the next, and then the next.  The ledge in front of them was substantial.  It ran along the rock wall to the right, all the way to the mouth of the cave, winding around it to continue along the outer cliff.

            Again, she pointed.  “Where does that lead?”

            “Shouldn’t you be doffing your clothes?”

            Her eyes narrowed.  “In other words, you don’t intend to answer my question.”

            He grinned.  “Clever, aren’t you?”

            She returned his smile.  “I like to think so.”

            “If you’re stalling because you cannot swim—”

            “Oh, I can swim.”  She could hardly wait to feel the cool water on her skin.

            He folded his arms, and his intense, gray eyes held a dare.  “Then show me.”

            “Hold this.”  She handed him the folded smock.  Get ready to eat crow, buddy!  Quickly, she removed her boots, hose, and tunics.  When only her thin, white chemise remained, she stole a peek at her skeptical host.  He stared at her bare feet.

            She sighed.  “I know.  My feet are hardly attractive.  In fact, I’ve always thought my toes resemble…”

            He raised his eyebrows.  “What?”

            Astronauts.  But I can’t tell you that.  “Nothing.”

            His eyebrows settled again, but the orbs beneath them seemed to glow with a new light.  “I beg to differ with your opinion.  Your feet are quite…lovely.”

            She almost laughed, until heat flooded her cheeks.  I’m blushing?  “Thank you,” she muttered.  With an inward groan, she started toward the water.  For crying out loud!  He only complimented your feet.  Your pale, crazy, NASA-evoking feet.  Get a grip!

            The ocean breeze caught the hem of her smock as she stepped into the surf.  Foamy water—colder than she would’ve liked—enveloped her feet.  Thank God for the heat of the sun!  But this was the closest she’d come to a bath in days, and she was determined to prove her skills to the man who underestimated her at every turn.  She waded forward, and the brisk, undulating water swallowed her calves, knees, thighs, and hips.

            “Lady Ardyth!”

            She turned.  Her dry smock in his hands, Hugh stood with feet well apart on the wet sand.

            “You needn’t prove your courage further!” he called above the lapping, swishing voice of the sea.  “Come back before—”

            “Courage isn’t the point!  Swimming is!”  The level of the surrounding water lowered to her thighs, signaling a coming wave.

            She turned just as it crested and dove headfirst into it.  Completely submerged in the chill, rushing water, she headed left and allowed herself to rise to the surface.  She swam freestyle for several strokes, then flipped onto her back and floated with abandon.  After a minute or two, she flipped over, and swam in the opposite direction.  Then she stood with the water at her ribs, waited for the next wave, and indulged in bodysurfing, which carried her with a whoosh back toward shore.

            Satisfied, she straightened, knee-deep in the water.  Her wet chemise clung to her frame, and she knew Lord Seacrest was getting a lordly eyeful.  Her nipples were rock-hard from the cold.

            She rolled her eyes toward the bright, blue sky.  My kingdom for a bra!  And throw in a pair of underwear, too!  But both articles of clothing were back at Nihtscua and not likely to appear anytime soon.  For the first time since plunging into the surf, she regarded Hugh.

            Eyes wide, her dry smock clutched in his hands, he stood as if frozen.  Only his gaze moved, traveling from her breasts to the apex of her thighs.

            She pulled the smock away from her flesh as best she could and advanced toward him, stopping an arm’s length away.  “I told you I could swim.”

            He blinked.  Then his full, sensual lips curled into a smile.  “Indeed, you did.”


            “And what?”

            “You’ve doubted me twice already.  Perhaps you owe me an apology.”

            His eyes widened, then relaxed.  “Perhaps I do.  Pray…forgive me.”

            The words couldn’t have come easily, and the fact he’d said them made her grin.  “I forgive you.  This time.  But I ask respectfully that you not underestimate me again.”

            For two seconds, he hesitated.  “ʼTis a reasonable request, and I shall endeavor to honor it.”  He gave her a quizzical look.  Then he shook his head and chuckled.  “Is there anything you cannot do?”

            She thought for a moment.  “I’ve never ridden aside.  If I’m going to ride something, I spread my legs.”  The instant the words left her mouth, she cringed inside.  Good God.  That came out all wrong!

            Humor curved his lips, but his eyes smoldered.  Did his thoughts mirror hers?  He took a step closer, and his masculine aura invaded her personal space.  “Tell me more.”

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Barnes and Noble https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/night-of-the-owl-judith-sterling/1133653973

Author Bio

Judith Sterling is an award-winning author whose love of history and passion for the paranormal infuse everything she writes. Whether penning medieval romance (The Novels of Ravenwood) or young adult paranormal fantasy (the Guardians of Erin series), her favorite themes include true love, destiny, time travel, healing, redemption, and finding the hidden magic which exists all around us. She loves to share that magic with readers and whisk them far away from their troubles, particularly to locations in the British Isles.

Her nonfiction books, written under Judith Marshall, have been translated into multiple languages. She has an MA in linguistics and a BA in history, with a minor in British Studies. Born in that sauna called Florida, she craved cooler climes, and once the travel bug bit, she lived in England, Scotland, Sweden, Wisconsin, Virginia, and on the island of Nantucket. She currently lives in Salem, Massachusetts with her husband and their identical twin sons.

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Website – https://judithmarshallauthor.com/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/judithsterlingfiction/

Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/16291161.Judith_Sterling

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Amazon – https://www.amazon.com/-/e/B01MT3KB7L

The Wild Rose Press – https://www.thewildrosepress.com/authors/judith-sterling

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Welcome to my brand new blog on my brand new website created by the fantastic Kim Killion of The Killion Group. My old site on blogger has been directed here. So here we go—again—and feel free to drop me your comments. There is also a new place for my newsletter sign up. You’ll find that in the banner at the very top left. I’d love for you to join me there as well.


Every time I read a blog or a column on Writer’s Block, I agreed that the problem is, indeed, challenging.  I often suggested my own methods of preventing or overcoming such things. They always worked for me, right?

Right.  (Rolling eyes here.)

I always, always stood in awe of author who could write more than one book at once. And often, more than one book—each in different genres or historical eras. Years ago I even tried working on two at once—one medieval and one Regency. Until my Regency bucks began sounding like my 12th Century lords. And vice versa.

That experiment for me ended real fast!

 Recently I’ve dealt with a huge challenge to my writing. For days and days (I hate to say how many), I was unable to commit a new word to my WIP. All those great methods I’d read about in the past? Well…

Down the list of steps to overcome writer’s block I stumbled. Let’s just say, I was unsuccessful at all of them. I even made a time schedule—x number of hours on email, x number on social media, x number to write ,x number for other computer work.

Driving was always my go-to means of working out plot points and obstacles, as well as stimulating my creative energy. I recently moved into town from the country and let me tell you driving in city traffic isn’t conducive to calm reflection or plot development. Even going for long highway trips didn’t do the job.

Finally, after giving myself many talkings-to, I managed to emerge from that spiral. I look back at all the time I could have been working on my book, and I’m appalled at what I wasted. I’m not sure what I did to end it, or if it ran its course and ended itself. But thank heavens I’m producing new words now.

I did learn one important thing from these past weeks.  I’m a one-at-a-time kind of gal. 

Release Day for Vicky Burkholder’s Revenge Among the Stars

Today is a very special Welcome Wednesday, everyone. It’s release day for REVENGE AMONG THE STARS, the latest futuristic romance by fellow Rose  (Wild Rose Press) author, Vicky Burkholder.

Congratulations on the new book, Vicky, and all the best as Aleksia and Jason take on their enemies. Please give us the basics of the story and a glimpse of the action.
 Aleksia Matthews is left for dead after space
pirates attack her ship and kill her brother. She swears to avenge his death
but knows she can’t do the job alone. After taking out an ad for a bounty
hunter, she weeds the bad from the good, and one man stands out. He could be
the perfect partner—and that scares Ali more than the pirates do.
agent Jason Cole is tracking the pirates who killed his family, but he’s always
one step behind. There have never been any survivors—until now. He needs Ali to
identify the attackers, but she proves to be stubborn. She plans to go with him
on the hunt, and he’s determined to keep her safe.
Cole and Ali seek revenge, someone at headquarters would like to see them fail.
Together they battle explosions, their emotions, and danger from one of their
she got her first good look at the bathroom. She immediately broke into loud
Are you all right?”
innocent question sent her into another paroxysm of laughter. Tears streamed
down her face as she opened the door. “You have to see this.” She stepped to
one side, allowing room for him to enter. When he did, she watched his face,
giggling again when his mouth dropped open.
can’t believe someone would actually do this on purpose.”
joined her in laughter as he surveyed the space nearly equal the bedroom in
size. Gold-veined mirrors covered the ceiling and two walls. Filmy pink and red
material held up by cherubim aligned along the edge of the ceiling and draped
the other two walls. On the floor lay a thick white carpet patterned with gold,
red, and pink roses.
addition to an expansive shower cubicle, a sunken bath—large enough for several
Vibrant paintings in the tub itself left absolutely no doubt as to the
activities of the
She found the toilet in one corner of the room hidden by a moveable screen
covered with more of the suggestive paintings.
me guess,” Ali said when she could breathe again, “the honeymoon suite.” She
broke into laughter again as Jason muttered something about Marty and space and
no space suits.
has been married forever to the one person who accepts that she lives in a
fantasy world most of the time. She’s even been seen at the beach building
worlds for her stories. In addition to creating fun characters, fantasy worlds,
and suspenseful situations, she also enjoys and is very good at things like
writing policy and procedures manuals and setting up continuity and
organizational spreadsheets, both of which she has actually earned money doing.
She has a master’s degree in library science so likes things organized. Okay,
so her family thinks having the spice rack alphabetized it a bit much, but she
has no trouble finding what she needs when she needs it. And just because her
extensive library is cataloged and organized, that doesn’t mean she’s obsessive.
Honest. When not writing, Vicky can be found in the kitchen whipping up
gluten-free, lactose-free, other allergy-free meals. Or watching the world go
by from her front porch swing.

In addition to her other single titles,  Vicky is author of three popular series:
The Crystal
Keys series
– urban fantasy (paranormal romances)
on Love Series
– futuristic romances
                                                                          Lion’s Pride
– contemporary shapeshifters

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