Medieval Monday: Lane McFarland’s Heather and a Hint of Betrayal

Today I’m happy to welcome my good friend Lane McFarland to Medieval Monday.
Lane shares a scene hinting of betrayal from HEATHER, the second book of her terrific
series, The Daughters of Alistair MacDougall. I love this series with its talented, courageous ladies and the Highland warriors who win them.

Alec’s chest constricted. How long
had it been since he last saw her? Three years? Would she remember him? Would
she remember his kiss?
The maid rubbed her mistress’
cheek, and Heather wiped the same spot with a cloth. When the servant nodded,
Heather hurried toward him.
Did she stuff a black scarf in her
sleeve? His eyes narrowed.
“Laird Campbell, welcome to
MacDougall Castle.” She extended a hand. “Yer timing could not have been
“Mistress MacDougall.” He bent and
placed a kiss on her knuckles. Calluses covered her once soft palm. He
straightened and studied her blue eyes. “Why so formal?”
“It’s been years since we last met.
I’m afraid that young lass ye knew grew up.”
The gorgeous azure depths of her
eyes mesmerized him. “Aye, she grew into a beautiful woman.”
A flush spread over her cheeks and
she withdrew her hand. “I understand we’ve ye to thank for our lives.”
“One of yer da’s men—a young lad—is
who ye should thank. He saved Laird MacDougall from certain death.”
Something akin to caution flittered
across her eyes. Had he not been watching closely, he would’ve missed it.
She crossed her arms over her
waist. “My da’s fortunate to have many good men defending the castle.” Her eyes
widened, and she reached out. “Ye’re hurt. Forgive me, I didn’t notice.”
Alec caught her hand and rubbed her
skin with the pad of his thumb. “’Tis nothing to worry over.”
“If ye’ll permit me, I’ll tend ye
and yer men so ye can be on yer way. I’m sure ye’re anxious to return home.”
Was she eager to be rid of him?
He hesitated. “We are ready to be
home, but we’ll repair yer keep first.”
Her back stiffened. When she smiled,
it didn’t quite reach her lovely eyes. “Thank ye. If ye will excuse me, I need
to see to Da.”
“I understand.”
Heather slipped past him. Her hips
swayed as she stepped around a lass carrying blankets and hurried through the
hall to her father.
Alec exhaled and raked a hand
through his hair. He was needed out-of-doors. Rubbing the stinging cut on his
chest, he marched past the injured. As he strode down the grey steps and into
the bailey, his thoughts turned to the slender lad with the black scarf.
Why did he feel something was
amiss? Why was the lad spirited away? And why did Heather make light of his

Bent on overcoming the belief he’s failed his aging father, Laird
Alec Campbell concentrates on proving his worth to his people. He provides for
them and leads men into battle, vowing never again to disappoint his clan or
lose his heart.
Bound by a promise
to her dying mother, Heather MacDougall secretly leads rebel warriors in her
quest to keep her clan intact and hold off those who plot to overtake her
father’s land. She fights to keep her secrets safe, while resisting the lure of
the handsome young laird who challenges her defenses.
They can’t deny
their passionate attraction, but can their love survive their secrets?
I’m so happy to welcome my good friend Lane McFarland to Medieval Monday. Lane shares a scene from HEATHER, the second book in her terrific series, The Daughters of Alistair MacDougall. I love this series with the talented, courageous ladies and the Highland warriors who win them.
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Medieval Monday: Bambi Lynn’s SIRONA and Betrayal

Who is betrayed when illness dooms a man to death and only a witch from the enemy’s clan can save him? Bambi Lynn bring us a glimpse of SIRONA on Medieval Monday.
stepped away from the Cleary lass, much to Rhain’s relief. He had been on his
way to Father Baen’s apothecary when he rounded the corner and found Sirona in
the man’s arms. The monster, dormant most days, rose up within him. If he had
had a weapon, he would have attacked Ty on the spot. Rhain curled and uncurled
his fists, ready to beat the life out of him.
fret, cousin. The lass is safe.”
no’ her safety I was worried about.”
fixed him with a look, the look of an elder who knew so much more about the
world, despite his much younger mien. “Perhaps, ye should be. I caught Fergus
assailing her, his intentions less than noble. If I had not come along when I
violent and ferocious, welled up within him. “I’ll kill him,” he ground out
through clenched teeth.”
seemed to get her bearings and spoke up. “Please, Rhain. I doona want to cause
a rift betwixt you and yer brother.” She looked at Ty and placed a hand on his
arm. “Thank you,” she said.
crossed the distance and put one arm around her possessively. With a sly grin,
Ty pulled his arm from beneath Sirona’s touch. “Think nothing of it, lass. But
doona be wandering about the castle alone.” With a curt nod to Rhain, he left
them. The clack of his boots echoing down the length of the corridor as he
disappeared around a bend.
Rhain’s surprise, Sirona snuggled against him. He held her, savoring the way
she fit him perfectly. Her slender body molded to his as if she had been
created just for him.
am sorry I was not here to protect ye,” he said over her head. “I barely made
the promise err I broke it.”
shook her head. “Doona fash yerself.
He dinna hurt me. Not really. Asides, I shall be going home soon. Your da
His heart tightened. Without a
doubt, the best thing for her was to be gone from this place. But already Rhain
dreaded her departure like the threat of plague.

She has the power to
heal his body, but can she heal his soul?
Sirona Cleary tries
to hide her unholy healing powers from everyone around her, denying her divine
heritage even as she saves those who would see her punished. When she is
kidnapped by a rival clan, she is sure her execution is near. Rhain Comyn is
dying from a mysterious disease, and he couldn’t be more glad of it. After the
atrocities he has committed, Rhain believes he has no right to a decent life
and welcomes the ailment that leaves him with unquenchable thirst and hunger,
extreme fatigue, blurred vision and ultimately drives him into a deep slumber
from which no healer can awaken him. Can a witch from the clan of his enemy
save him?

FREE on Medieval Monday: The Druid Knight’s Tale

Medieval Monday. What’s better than reading about a dreadful betrayal that threatens the lives and love of a magical couple? It’s reading the entire story–FREE! Ruth A. Casie has made THE DRUID KNIGHT TALES free for everyone to enjoy. 

So sit back and be tempted!


He stood by the stone altar. The
mist thickened in deep pools and drifted to the bottom of the great sarsen
stones. Churning like a phantom stew, fingers of mist crept up the stones,
leaving a shimmering outline in its wake. The silhouette thickened, revealing
the hooded forms of the Ancestors.
“Grand Master, who do you bring
to the sacred circle?”
“The healer—” his voice boomed.
“Only you, the Grand Master, are
permitted to approach us for our guidance.” The angry voice of an Ancestor
reached his ears. “But we are forgiving.”
“I come to seek—”
“Before you tell us what you
seek, tell us of your quest.”
A flicker of apprehension pulsed
through him. He was certain Ellyn didn’t have much time and the full red moon
hung large in the sky. Only a thin arc of sun remained on the horizon.
He removed the wrapped cloth
from his pouch and laid the package on the altar stone. “I have passed your
test.” He did not expose the mistletoe. He didn’t want the Ancestors to see the
dead plant, not until he had Ellyn safely back to Avebury. After that he didn’t
“You have found your mate?”
Max hesitated. “Perhaps. I have
much to tell you, but before I begin I ask for a boon.” He glanced over his
shoulder. She waited for him.
“What do you seek?” the
Ancestors rumbled with a cold, hard voice.
“Ellyn of Brodgar is ill. I ask
you to help her. She is honorable and has served the people well and denies no
one at her own expense.”
“You are the people’s Grand
Master. She is your responsibility. We can only guide and help those who have
passed on to our world.”
“No,” he insisted, pounding his
fist on the stone altar. How could this be? For the first time in his life he
felt helpless. He could not lose her. He knew if he did he would lose a part of
himself. “She has done everything—”
“It is not for us to interfere.”
The voice was calm and without empathy.
“You do not interfere? You
demanded I find a mate.”
There was no response.
He tried to keep his control.
“She told me she was compelled to come here. Why?”
Still they did not respond.
Anger surged through him. “You
brought her here. She needs your help. She’s dying.” He pointed to where he
left her.
“Only you can help her, Grand
“Me?” He stopped short. “How? If
I could she’d already be cured.”
“Why do you care what happens to
her? She is just a simple Orkney witch. Nothing else.”
Ideas flashed across Max’s mind.
If he was the only one that could help her the answer must lie in his greatest
gift. His magick. He must get her back to Avebury, back to his magick, before
the sun set.
“Here.” He unrolled the
mistletoe. “Here is your talisman. Send us back to Avebury,” he demanded.
“So, you found your mate,” the
Ancestor said with a satisfied voice.
Max looked at the healthy
mistletoe and gaped in astonishment. The plant was dead when he’d last looked.
How could it now be alive? Icy fear raced up his back. He glanced at Ellyn on
the far side of the circle. Her kisses. He had teased her and it was her kiss
all along.
“You hold her destiny in your
a year of searching, Maximilian, the druid Grand Master, finds the sacred
mistletoe destined for his soul mate shriveled and dead. He must journey to the
Otherworld and tell the Ancestors of his failure.
of Brodgar is an exceptional healer.
But each healing kiss depletes her
energy and brings her closer to death. Ellyn needs to find her own healing
power before it’s too late.
and Ellyn are tossed into the Otherworld and have until the third sunset to
appeal to the Ancestors or be lost forever. Together they find love, and as the
last rays of the third sunset slip away, both are willing to sacrifice their
hopes, drea
ms, and lives for the other. Do they have what it takes to escape
the Otherworld and begin their life together?

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